BAs can draft Use Cases and associate them to project goals or they can model them in use case diagrams and import them automatically from the Modelio or Enterprise Analyst UML tools. In this 1 hour coaching session we focus on using the AI to retain or increase the accuracy and consistency of Use Cases throughout the project and to support their reuse in other solutions

1 hour course provides hands-on training on 8 features to use from Leverforce SAAS when establishing requirements traceability. Some examples: Associating requirements to a project goal. Raising JIRA stories through the CRM-JIRA integration to establish traceability to requirements automatically. Associating use cases, requirements and stories to models; etc.

2 hours course provides hands-on training on UML modeling and diagramming with Modelio software The review covers Use Case Diagrams: Preparing a visual representations of users interacting with systems Activity Diagrams: Preparing a visual representations of the activities carried out by users when interacting with systems. The focus is on eliciting opportunities for improvement from stakeholders